About Summer University Romanian Traddictions 2012

Romanian Traddictions is a Summer University which will have at its core the Romanian language, culture, values and traditions. It’s going to be educational and most of all fun.

The SU will take place between 6th and 20th of August. We gladly expect our participants to arrive on August 5th and the event will end on August 21.   In the first day we will organize an input session about AEGEE and Summer University – Romanian Tradditions. Also every participant will receive the necessary materials: mini english-roumanian dictionary, the map of Iaşi, information about AEGEE and SU, the schedule of the days to come, the contacts of the members of AEGEE Iaşi, especially of the coordinator.

During the first few days we will entice your brain with some lovely romanian language, culture and civilization lessons, after which there will be a competition based on the new knowledge you acquared.

We will try our best to provide you with a spectacular experience of our culture and rest assured you will enjoy the traditional dance lessons, the visits to the museums and monasteries. You will get the chance to taste a unique combination of cultural and spiritual development.

And because we understand the principle of a healthy mind in a healthy body, you are in for some very nice activities too, such as: horse riding, archery shooting, climbing etc. All these activities are scheduled in a way that will make your every day spent in Romania simply special. The second week in particular is destined to give you a broader perspective over our culture. We will visit at least other 7 Romanian cities, the oldest monatesries and churches in Romania, one of the most popular prisons and one of the oldest city in the country – Cluj Napoca, so you are in for quite an adventure. At the end of everything we hope we will leave you with special memories of a special place, you will receive DVDs with pictures, videos and other materials of SU. For those of you that did not quench your appetite for Romanian landscape in these two weeks, you will have the amazing chance to stay for another week and embark for a trip to the Carpathian Mountains.



  • Romanian language courses
  • Romanian culture and civilization courses
  • Europe Evening Night
  • Romanian traditional dances
  • Traditional food
  • Presentation of customs and traditions of the countries participating
  • Romanian specific beverages climbing
  • Treasure hunting in Iasi
  • Romanian movie marathon
  • Paintball

More information you cand find here – http://www.projects.aegee.org/suct/su2012/show.php?su_id=IAS1


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